No Account Casinos – A New Gambling Trend?

You probably have heard about this new type of online casinos that allows playing without opening an account at selected site. If no, let explain that in a few sentences.

No account casinos do not require registering and go through long account opening procedures. You do not need to enter all in-depth details such as name, last name, email and more. Everything you have to do – make just a few clicks and connect using your bank ID. It is important to mention that you have to know and have your bank ID logins near you. On the other hand, that’s what people usually have together all the time.

Doesn’t that sound super convenient? Well it should. But let’s go further and get deeper into this topic.

No Account Casinos New Trend

Are these online casinos available everywhere?

Well, sadly, but no. At the time as this guide is being written, these kinds of online casinos work in some countries only. To be exact, it operates in Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. It might work in Estonia as well, but it’s hard to find such brands, but there are a few though. However, we hear the rumors about expanding support of much more countries in the nearest future. Well, we hope so because of a super convenience.

Is there any KYC?

It depends. Typically, casinos do not make any extra to know your customer procedures. But it can still initiate if it is necessary. But it is important to remember, that the user comes and register or login via bank, and you do not have a bank account without going to the one, providing your passport, place of living and many more personal details. In that way, casino also knows that your details are 100% true, and it is not some random details. So if the casino is licensed and uses all the necessary tools to operate as a Pay N Play casino, you shouldn’t be asked for anything more than you use for logging in.

Can I trust such online casinos?

Yes! Wherever banks are involved, there are the highest level of security. No doubts, it involves top-notch security systems, SSL, secure servers, encryption, etc. Usually, no account casinos operate by using Trustly as their partner. If you never heard about it, here is a Wikipedia article about Trustly that covers all the details. Or in a couple of words, Trustly is super trusted fintech company based in Scandinavia that offers many of services for ecommerce and gambling companies. It has a lot of licenses and has been audited many times. Furthermore, it proceeds hundreds of million dollars per year. If you see that casino has Trustly integrated – be sure, it is safe and secure to use.

Is it hard to find no account casinos?

Totally not. There are many lists and websites that provides much valuable information about pay n play online casinos. You can Google it easily. Here are some top no account casino Netherlands if you look some. You’ll find more lists for different countries on this website as well.

Moreover, there are tons of other web pages for that. We have no lists on this website whatsoever, as we provide our experience and guides only.

Most noteworthy, these casinos are also called Pay N Play casinos, casinos without account, casinos without registration, etc. Keep that in mind when you’ll be looking for that. That’s all mean the same.

Final Thoughts

No account casinos are becoming super popular due to a few things we have already discussed on this guide. First of all, it is very convenient. Players now can avoid long and exhausting registration procedures and save a lot of time.

Second, it’s very secure. These casinos have to implement highly secure technologies to follow strict regulations and rules. The 3rd party partners are having high standards as well. Everything from the bottom to the top goes through many audits and checks.

Finally, it provides more privacy. The user doesn’t need to provide many details to the casino itself. The casino usually doesn’t see a lot of personal information.

We think such casinos are the future, especially in the times of extra privacy. GDPR law has changed a lot already and technologies like this will have more popularity. We can strongly say – yes, no account casinos are a new trend. And we’re really happy about this.

Gambling – Roulette for the Beginner

It’s one of the most popular games in any casino and at a number of charity events; the long table with the checkerboard squares calling to the new and experienced gambler. But what’s roulette all about and how can you get started without spending money on expensive books and computer programs? Read on and find out how simple roulette is and how complicated it can be for the professional player!

Let’s first take a look at the playing surface and what you see as you approach the table. The first thing that will catch your eye is the round spinning disk at one end, a bright white marble hopping around the polished wooden border. Around the interior of the circle are black and red numbers with one or two special green areas sectioned off with small metal rails to allow the marble to dance around the disk and finally land in a single spot. The numbers range from one to thirty-six, with alternating red and black colors assigned to each one. There are also two other special numbers, zero and double-zero, which may not appear on all tables. These will usually be highlighted in green to make them stand out from the rest of the table and rightly so – usually the payout for these numbers is higher than the rest.

The croupier, or dealer, will start the inner circle spinning and then flip the white marble into the centre where it will eventually end up in one of the numbered slots. Depending on where it lands you can win a little or a lot of money.

Beside the roulette wheel is the checkerboard where you lay down your bets. This consists of three rows with each square numbered the same as the wheel, from one to thirty-six with one or two extra areas set aside for zero or double zero. But you can win in more ways than just choosing the exact number, which may be rather daunting for the new gambler!

Aside from the three rows there are a variety of other squares branching off on the table, allowing you to make other bets that will also allow you to win – but not as much as choosing the exact number.

For the new gambler you may feel more comfortable making bets on something a bit simpler, as in whether the marble will land on red or black or perhaps odd or even numbers. You can also bet on whether the marble will land somewhere in a group of numbers. These bets are obviously 50/50, with a return of exactly the same amount you bet if you win. This is a good way to play for a long time with limited funds, since the odds are as equal as you can get.

Understanding the numbers

Speaking of odds, let’s take a look at the odds at the roulette table. Here’s an easy chart outlining what your odds are at winning:

Even Number 1:1
Odd Number 1:1
Red 1:1
Black 1:1
Between Numbers 1-18 1:1
Between Numbers 19-36 1:1
Between Numbers 1-12 2:1
Between Numbers 13-24 2:1
Between Numbers 25-36 2:1

Any Column 2:1 (this relates to the three rows on the table, which is a different bet from the groupings of numbers above.)

Any Exact Number 35:1

As you can see the odds go up dramatically if you wish to bet on a single number rather than something as broad as red versus black. But you can actually bet on more than one number with a single bet – and this is how you do it, along with the odds.

Where the lines meet on the three rows is a valid betting area, allowing you to bet on two to six numbers depending on where you place the chip. This allows you to cover more numbers, but the odds change dramatically as you can guess. Here are the odds for placing your chips on the intersections if you want to place your bets this way.

Going deeper with Roulette Numbers

Two-number combination 17:1 (0 and 00 only)
Three-number combination 11:1
Four-number combination 8:1
Five-number combination 6:1
Six-number combination 5:1

As you can see the odds are much better if you go with the less exact bets, such as red or black. But choosing just a single number can give you a large return on a bet, obviously.

But appearances can be deceiving – you would think that a simple bet on red or black gives you a fifty percent chance of winning… and you’d be wrong!

One of the mistakes most newcomers to this type of gambling make is to assume that the odds are automatically fifty/fifty due to the two colors and neglect the zero or double zero. True, some roulette tables don’t have the double zero space but all do include at least the zero and this skews the math slightly. The marble is just as likely to fall into the green square as it is into the red or black areas, so be aware and bet accordingly.

Now we come to the best part of gambling – placing your bet! The croupier, or dealer, will drop the marble onto the spinner and announce to place your bets. At this point you should be placing your chips exactly where you want them to be – accuracy is very important here as even an inch can change a winning bet to a losing one. Swiftly place your chips where you want them on the table and then keep your hands by your side or on the railing, away from your chips. It may seem extreme but many gaming security experts have caught gamblers either exchanging their chips for higher or lower ones based on the winning number or even withdrawing them from the table altogether. The more you work with the dealer and with the table the less likely you are to incur any problems with your stay at the gaming venue.

Happy or Sad Marble?

As the marble bounces around the spinner it will begin to slow and at a certain point the dealer will announce “No more bets” and wave his hand over the table, not touching any of the chips but signalling that no more bets are to be placed. If you do try to place your chips on the table the dealer will move them back to you and refuse your bet at this point. This is why it is important to be confident and place your chips as soon as the table opens for betting.

Once the marble falls into a slot the dealer will announce the color and the number and then begin to deal with the chips on the table. He or she will pull away all the losing bets and then begin to pay out to the winning gamblers. Gambling etiquette dictates that you should wait until the dealer is finished with your chips before moving to retrieve your winnings and then wait until the table opens again for the next round before placing your chips.

Now that you’re acquainted with the basics of roulette, let’s discuss some of the gambling tactics you may wish to employ to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Small bets will always increase your game time but will also generate low winnings if you do pick the right number. But at the same time placing all your money on a single number and then losing will send you out of the gaming venue within minutes. So be sure to keep the odds in your mind as you place your bets as well as judging how your particular lucky streak is running that day.

Mistake a lot of gamblers make

A mistake many new gamblers make is to keep track of the previous winning numbers and base their bets on what has or hasn’t come up yet. The odds that red will come up if a black number has hit the past ten times is exactly the same as if red had hit for the previous twenty times. Each spin of the wheel is a new blank slate for the gambling enthusiast and many beginners forget that there is no rhythm that someone can study and track.

Another way to extend your gameplay is to spread your bets out across the table. Most gaming tables have a minimum bet which is the lowest amount of money you can play per round. This can be as low as five dollars or as high as twenty-five or even more. But that doesn’t mean that you have to place a five dollar chip on a single spot each round! Instead, why not get five one-dollar chips and then spread the wealth around a bit and see if you can win multiple times on the same bet.

Yes, you can win more than once on a single bet. For example, if you place a dollar chip on the color Red, an Odd number and landing in the range between 1-18 you would win three times! So for an initial investment of three one-dollar chips you would get a return of six dollars! True, this won’t have you rushing to quit your job but you will be extending your gaming playtime and increase your profit. So spread out your bets and have more fun!

The game of roulette can be intimidating to a new gambling enthusiast, but you can be betting like a professional in no time and having a great time at the table. So why not head on over to the nearest roulette table next time you visit a casino and see how your luck is doing? Who knows, you may be a natural gambling expert?

Learn How to Gambling Safely Online

You may be asking yourself how to gamble safely online. It seems that everyone you meet online is telling you the same thing, how can you make a living online?

How to gamble safely online

Many people will tell you that they will never gamble online because it will make them sick or something else that may harm them. While many of these things may be true it does not mean that you can not find other ways to make a good living online.

The first thing that you need to know is that online gambling is no different than playing for real money. You are playing a game of chance so the rules are different and there are some guidelines that need to be followed. However, the main point of the rules and guidelines are to help you enjoy yourself when you play and not to lose money.

So, if you want to learn how to gamble safely online then you need to think about the above information and apply it to your online gambling. Many times when people become overwhelmed with all the rules and regulations that are associated with online gambling they end up losing too much money or becoming depressed.

Online gambling can be quite fun but it can also be very stressful if you let the stress get the best of you. If you are worried about losing everything then there is no need to worry because there are always ways to make your money work for you and that is how to gamble safely online.

Learning how to gamble safely online requires you to know what you are doing. Many times people who learn how to gamble safely online will be able to learn from others mistakes and be able to avoid them in the future. Learning the correct ways to gamble online can save you time and money in the future.

Most online casinos have many different types of games that you can choose from as many as you like. In fact, some online casinos even offer a variety of bonuses that can help you earn even more money. If you are looking to play roulette, blackjack or any other type of game then you will definitely be able to find it online.

So if you are wondering how to gamble safely online then you will want to keep the above tips in mind. Remember that there are many websites on the internet that are willing to show you how to gamble safely online. These websites will provide you with all the information that you need to help you become a successful online casino player.

The best thing about these websites is that they will allow you to make free bets on your favorite online casinos. The best part about this is that you can do it anonymously and without having to reveal any of your personal information. All you will need to do is sign up with the website and you will be on your way to learning how to gamble safely online.

There are many websites out there that offer new ways to play different types of games on the internet. You can even find new online casinos that offer slots, which can be quite a challenge and even a little bit addicting.

For those who love playing online games then they should be able to find new ways to earn money by playing the various casino games that are available. The good thing about the internet is that you can play virtually anywhere. If you have a laptop you can play online and use your email address to log onto a website where you can register.

The only thing that you need to do is set up an account with an online casino and then log onto the site and start earning money without having to spend any money. So, if you are interested in learning how to gamble safely online then now is the time to start.

Where Is Gambling Legal? How Do I Do it in the U.S.?

If you’re new to the online betting scene, you might be a little confused about the ins and outs of the industry, and to what extent the laws of your state or country affect what you can and can’t do from a legal perspective.

If you’re a veteran of the online betting community, you know full well that online betting in the U.S. isn’t illegal. The reality is by federal statute it’s against the law for banks, financial institutions, credit card companies, and money transfer outlets to send money to online betting companies, offshore or otherwise. This affects the industry in a direct sense but in no way overtly expresses that online betting is illegal writ large.

Do the current parameters make online betting a little more difficult if you’re an American citizen living in the United States? Absolutely. Are there ways around your country’s laws that make it safe and secure to wager online and receive payouts from a sportsbook while adhering to all the rules and regulations where you live? You bet there is.

Thing is, there are states where online betting is explicitly prohibited. These states are in the minority, and we here advise any bettor to check out the specific laws in your jurisdiction to avoid breaking any rules when using your account on our website.

If you’re in the clear on the legal front (which should be the case for almost everyone), betting online in the U.S., start looking for the companies that accept such players.

In most jurisdictions around the world, there are hundreds of various payment methods. For American players, we recommend going with only secure payment options such as Visa (bank cards), Paypal or some other payment processors. Avoid shady deposit methods.

Also, do not forget to take attention to the license related things. If the casino or betting venue doesn’t have any licenses – Stay away! In case something happens, you will always have an authority to contact and ask for help. Otherwise, your funds are lost forever. So going with US-licensed casinos, is a secure way to go.

How to Gamble Online

Over the years, online gambling has become a favorite pastime for millions worldwide. Many benefits come along with placing bets online. Plenty of which you wouldn’t find at land-based casinos. 

If you’re new to the online casino world, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. Just the idea of betting real money online can be very intimidating. 

Lucky for you, our expert team is here to help! We created this guide specifically for you to make the most out of your iGaming experience!  

Join a Reputable and Regulated Online Casino

This is the first as well as the most crucial step, once you embark upon your iGaming journey. Today, there are thousands of different online casinos to choose from. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that newbies might be having a tough time picking a site. 

It’s vital to sign up at a casino with a reputation for being safe & trustworthy. The site’s reputation is often backed up by the licenses it holds. Licenses ensure punters that their personal information is entirely secure. They also guarantee an ultimately secure gambling experience. The most popular licenses include ones from the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Government of Gibraltar.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of the casinos we’ve listed on our site. Our team has extensively reviewed them and their policies. Hence, the safe and trouble-free experience is a guarantee. 

Make a Deposit Using A Supported Banking Method

Once you’ve created your profile on your preferred website, the next step is funding your account. This process is known as depositing and is as easy as falling off a log. 

Start by visiting your casino’s cashier and choose your preferred payment method. Usually, online casinos offer a plethora of options to choose from. These vary between standard methods (credit/debit cards) and e-wallets. Some sites even accept cryptocurrency, as well as alternative methods (like Boku).

Continue by entering your payment information alongside the amount you’ll be depositing, et voila!

Claim a Generous Bonus

Almost every iGaming destination offers punters with a generous welcome offer! Punters are eligible to claim this reward once they complete their first deposit. Usually, the size of the sign-up bonus is based on the amount you deposit. You can claim your welcome prize only once. Yet, many sites tend to spread their bonus over your first couple of deposits. Some offer even up to 200% match bonus. You can find something hot here.

Alternatively, punters also get offered a No Deposit Bonus. Most of these bonuses are quite small. Yet, they’re a great way to check out the casino you’ve registered at without risking any of your own money.

Pick Your Game

Once you’ve got your balance ready, it’s time to choose a game to bet on. Most casinos provide punters with diverse game selections. Some of the most popular choices are slot reels and table games. The table selection often includes games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat. Additionally, you can find other instant-win games, like bingo or scratch cards. 

Withdraw Your Winnings

Once you hit the jackpot, you’ll need to request a cashout. Simply log into your account and click on the withdrawal button. Usually, you can cash out with the same banking method you used to deposit. 

5 Quick Tips for Gambling Online

If it’s your first-time gambling online, the best thing to do is to follow some simple tips. These help in various ways. First, they ensure you understand how the games work and, hence save you money. Second, they help you avoid scam online casino operators. Finally, they make sure that you have a pleasant iGaming experience and claim the best online casino bonuses.

1. Stick to Licensed Operators

While gambling online, you should always stick to licensed operators. This way, you won’t have any issues with withdrawals when you hit the jackpot. Also, licensed operators are great for you to feel safe about your money but also your personal information.

Everything is online, so you will have to insert your credit/debit card somewhere. If the operator is licensed, you won’t have any headaches about your money being stolen or something even worse. Some renowned licensing authorities on the market include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Maltha Gambling Authority.

If you want to skip the entire hassle of looking for reliable operators, you can always pick one listed here. Our team of iGaming experts has individually tested every online casino we recommend.

2. Manage Your Online Gambling Budget

When you play online, you must manage your gambling budget. It’s not the same when you are gambling online and in real life. In real life, you have your money with you in your pocket, some chips and that’s that. While being online is quite different because you don’t have a hold of how much money you’re spending. That’s why a bankroll management strategy is a must for any online punter. 

3. Read Game and Bonus Rules

This is essential! While playing online, you should read both the game and bonus rules. What makes game rules so important? Well, if you play for real money and don’t know how the games work, you ruin your chances of winning. Even for online slots, it’s critical to understand how bonus rounds work, for example.

As for the bonus rules, these can make or break your entire experience. Each welcome bonus, reload bonus, promotion, and free spins deal comes with rules. These tell you how and when you can cash out the bonus. They also state accepted games and expiration dates. Failing to read the rules can result in both the bonus and the winnings being void.

4. Understand How House Edge Works

House edge represents the favorability of a casino game towards the house, i.e., the operator. When playing games with high house edge and low RTP, you have lower chances of winning. So, you should understand this concept and avoid casino games with an extremely high house edge.

5. Play Games by Reputable Providers

While playing online, make sure you are choosing games by popular game suppliers. Some of them we know are great include NetEnt, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, and Microgaming. Their games are licensed and of a top-quality. Plus, all these providers have a wide game variety, impressive features, and mouth-watering prizes.