Where Is Gambling Legal? How Do I Do it in the U.S.?

If you’re new to the online betting scene, you might be a little confused about the ins and outs of the industry, and to what extent the laws of your state or country affect what you can and can’t do from a legal perspective.

If you’re a veteran of the online betting community, you know full well that online betting in the U.S. isn’t illegal. The reality is by federal statute it’s against the law for banks, financial institutions, credit card companies, and money transfer outlets to send money to online betting companies, offshore or otherwise. This affects the industry in a direct sense but in no way overtly expresses that online betting is illegal writ large.

Do the current parameters make online betting a little more difficult if you’re an American citizen living in the United States? Absolutely. Are there ways around your country’s laws that make it safe and secure to wager online and receive payouts from a sportsbook while adhering to all the rules and regulations where you live? You bet there is.

Thing is, there are states where online betting is explicitly prohibited. These states are in the minority, and we here advise any bettor to check out the specific laws in your jurisdiction to avoid breaking any rules when using your account on our website.

If you’re in the clear on the legal front (which should be the case for almost everyone), betting online in the U.S., start looking for the companies that accept such players.

In most jurisdictions around the world, there are hundreds of various payment methods. For American players, we recommend going with only secure payment options such as Visa (bank cards), Paypal or some other payment processors. Avoid shady deposit methods.

Also, do not forget to take attention to the license related things. If the casino or betting venue doesn’t have any licenses – Stay away! In case something happens, you will always have an authority to contact and ask for help. Otherwise, your funds are lost forever. So going with US-licensed casinos, is a secure way to go.